About Us

FHS Supply & Manufacturing, Inc. has been specializing in cutting-edge racing oils & fuels and methanol/nitro-based R/C model fuels for over 40 years. FHS Superior Racing Oils & Fuels are the ULTIMATE in power, performance, and protection, making FHS products the BEST on the market.

With the extreme stresses imposed by nitro-boosted fuels and highly-modified racing engines tweaked to the max, FHS is an absolute must! They are just what you need for high speed! Just ask the winners who use our products: FHS keeps your engines in top shape and puts you ahead on the finish line! FHS Supply, Inc. is another example of the individual American success story. It was started alone by entrepreneur J. Fred Wilson in 1969, working out of his garage, with $100 and a dream. After years of hard work and sacrifice, he successfully built it up into the proud company that makes superior oils and fuels for people that want the best. FHS is still today a constant growing, family-owned business, which prides itself on dealing with its customers as real people and not just as order numbers. Our manufacturing facilities have the capacity and equipment for producing any amount and any special blend of fuel or oil that a customer may want.

FHS believes that you deserve the best products at reasonable prices; therefore, we buy our ingredients with an eye on quality and in large quantities to gain every possible price advantage. All the products that we manufacture are made on a computer controlled assembly line to the strictest of tolerances and sealed with a hermetic sealing machine for maximum freshness. Several choices of container size are available, from cases of quarts or gallons, to 54 gallon drums. Shipping to anywhere in the world is possible via major small package movers or many motor freight lines that we use.