FHS Racing Oil Testimonials

FHS Racing Oil Testimonials

Subj: Free Oil Offer

Hello my name is Greg Johnson and I am a Kart Racer.
Please find you link on my Kart racing home page.
FHS is the only oil I use in my Modified Briggs Animal.
NEVER had a prbolem.
I also use your slicker.
Thank You for your support!
#1 Greg Johnson, 2006 CSC Briggs Modified Champion
Westminster ,CO

303-420-7976 2003 IMI Motorsports Champion/Senior 4 Cycle
2004 COLORADO State Champion/Senior 4 Cycle
2005 IMI Motorsports Champion/Briggs Modified
2006 COLORADO State Champion/Briggs Modifed
*Can be verified at www.thecoloradokarter.com

My endorsement:
“I have used FHS Kart Racing Oils exclusively since 2002 & if you are serious about winning, there’s no other choice!” 

Subj: Great Oil
Per John Wilson, I had a tech question on your oil and he was a great help and had the answer I needed.
After helping me, I told John Wilson how I really like FHS oil and shared my experiences with him, he then asked if I would be willing to send an email to FHS and share them with FHS…
I have been building my kids engines for about eight years and have been using FHS for seven years, in the first year when we first raced, I used an oil from another company and had problems with heat and premature wear on all internal parts, and after just one race, changed the oil and it looked like mud. I asked a engine builder that I trusted and he told me about FHS, I started using FHS right away and I am glad I did, no more heat problems, no more wear problems at all. Case in point, we were running a box stock class and ran all season ( 27) races without a teardown and that is with the old raptor 2 piston and rod, ring end gap went from .005 to .020 and ALL other internal parts were as good as new, the only parts that showed fatigue were the valve retainers and keeper grooves in both valves and no oil can prevent that with so many races on them.
I have never used any other oil thus far, have no reason to switch. I would like to add that when we freshen up our engines, we have not had to replace ANY major parts due to wear.Thanks for providing an oil that helps us to go faster and save money on expensive repairs.

Subj: Re: Did you get my e-mail

Thanks John, I just picked up 2 gals from Dixie Karting We have been racing for over 15 years in karting. You (FHS) will always be the best and the only oil in our engines.

Thanks Again,

Subj: Testimonial

Dear FHS,

I just wanted to say that you make a great product! I was previously using stroke oil and was not totally satisfied. I switched to FHS oil and my engine performance has been outstanding with less signs of wear than when I use stroke oil. Keep up the good work!
Derrick Stover

Our Top Fuel Dragster set an SCDRA and track record at Florence, SC this past weekend, covering 132 ft. in 1.66 sec. at over 77 mph. Thanks for supplying us with a very fresh and pure custom fuel blend.Eric Johnson

Subj: Awsome Oil, We need more

Hello, my name is Bob Nicely,

We at CMF Performance have tested your oils in 2 flavors, the 62R and Lightning Modified. We have ran all the other competitor oils, and there is only one that we will ever use-FHS is the only oil in anything we build. We cater to the open, RWYB and the F-200 OHV class. We at CMF (Bob, Tim, Bob senior Nicely) want to say thanks for making clearly a superior product, we can’t believe the other oil companies even sell anything. Can we have a price list of your oils in bulk or how ever you want to sell. Thanks for a great product and helping put CMF at the forefront in OHV karting technology.

Sincerely, Bob Nicely
CMF Performance
5046 East U.S. 40
Greenfield IN 46140

Subj: Awesome Oil

Just wanted to drop you a line on a great product. In my years of racing dirt
track cars, (late-model, hobby stocks, etc) I took up the kart scene. Never having
been in a kart before, I was nervous until I got the hang of it.
I tried other products for oil and had a decent kart until I found your 62R
racing oil. With just an oil change I noticed more power and cooler EGT and
head temps. There was something else too, I was winning races!! After
winning mid season championship I started putting two and two together ,and
will never go back to the “other guys”. I have run the same 5 hp stock
appearing Briggs engine all year and figured it was time for a rebuild, but
after I got it apart and saw virtually no wear, decided to put it back together
and finish out the season. Thanks for such a great product and have lots of
success in 2004!

Sean Walker Ranger Racing Chassis
Hazleton, Iowa

Subj: Blue Max Oil

Hi: My name is Derek. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Is there a dealer close to Hawaii that can ship some oil to me or some one in California or something. I’ve been spending a lot to get oil and I like the FHS  Oil and would not use anything else.  It may seem kind of dumb but I have paid up to $… per quart but I really trust that Blue Max oil because we have spent a lot of money for our motors. We have a low 9sec. jr. dragster motor w/ about 1026 runs on it and has not been freshened up; yet, it still runs 9.23 and our 400 stroke motor has seen some high rpm’s by mistake and still looks new. Had it for 1 1/2 years so please can you help us out .

Thanks Derek

03 Feb 2000

I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for a superior product. We recently won the WKA-TN Div Pts championship and have never used anything but FHS!
Over the last 3 seasons we have yet to have an engine failure! You guys are on the right track! We would proudly like to fly your colors on our new karts in the BANDIT Racing Series this year.

Three Deuces Racing

Subj: Lightning Stock

Dear Sirs,

My son Matthew has been karting now for about two years.
During the season just completed, he won the Junior Sportsman class at Pineora Kartway
(Matthew is 13). We have been using FHS Lightning Stock exclusively during that time,
and we love the results. It has helped reduce our time between engine refreshes, and just
does an overall great job.

If you can send us some stickers, we’d be glad to give you
some free advertising on the side of the kart.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!
Craig Hughes

Subj: Awesome OIL

Thanks so much for making this oil, it is the best ever.
Ever since I have been using about 3 weeks I have won every race. I use Lightning Stock, and Hurricane Lite,
and Blue Max, and Black Gold. Your oil is so awesome, every time I change the oil it looks brand new still. and I just got Protested tore all the way down, and was legal, they put my motor on Dyno and said it had picked up 40lbs of torque. They said its the strongest Stock motor they have EVER seen. And they have thousands of motors come through there. I race Jr.Stock(no rest) 300lbs.
So I wanna THANK you so much for your awesome WINNING oil. I race at Amelia Motor Raceway, and 460 Speedway, in Virginia. Again THANKS ALOT
I forgot to tell you, my motor has 18 races on it and the leakdown was 2%, Thanks for the oil~!!!
Hi could you please add this webpage to your site thanks:

Amelia Motor Raceway
Thanks again for your OUTSTANDING OIL


Thanks for a great product.
After Ryan captured the pole in JR Restricted at Tyro WKA Dirt Race this week end and finished second. Our engine was torn down in tech. This engine had 391 laps on this rebuild. Aluminum bore, old style piston and rings. I’ll use this opportunity to put the R3 piston and ring in it. The engine has virtually no wear. The top ring gap is .005.(installed At .002)The crank is .9985. This engine has had ONLY FHS oil in it. Thanks again for a quality product.

Willie Paul
RPM, Ryan Paul Motorsports.

Thanks for the great oil!  My son’s Jr. Dragster has become deadly consistent.  Head temp. never over 250F (was 425F average).

Mike Heminghous

Subj: Could you please send me some stickers ?

Dear : FHS Oil

I am a 14 year old go-kart racer that has been using your oil since I got into kart racing 3 years ago. Since then your oil has helped me achieve 26 feature wins and 1 championship. This year I am now in the points lead at two tracks and the Northern NY Karting points series. At one of the tracks I am in the lead by aprx. 87 points, at the other track I lead by 8 points, and in the Northern NY Karting points series I am in the points lead by 74 points. I also just put a new fiberglass body on my kart and it has a nice paint job. But it needs some stickers. So if you don’t mind, could you please send me some of your FHS Oil stickers if you have some.

Thank You,

Marc Easton #18

Dear Mr. Wilson,

My name is Mike Hayes and I have been racing go-karts for seven years and I used Coolpower for the first four years, but switched to FHS three years ago, with great results.

I find your oil is stronger for a longer period of time than Coolpower and looks a lot cleaner when changes.  With the high RPMs and temperatures that we run in Briggs Engines that is a big plus and gives me one less thing to worry about.

Mike Hayes
Mike Hayes Racing

Subj: Wonderful!

Hi. My name is Dan Jackson, and I am the Crew Chief for Richardson Brothers Racing in Memphis, TN. Most recently, our team has been racing in the THUNDERDOME series in Memphis, where we race an offset kart with a B&S 9hp engine in Stock Medium and Stock Super Heavy classes. (Keeping up with 2 drivers in 2 different classes is a job, believe me!) Keeping the engine from overworking itself is a big part of my job, and I am pleased to say that I have been using your LIGHTNING STOCK oil religiously ever since I can remember.

Chris and Doug Richardson (the 2 drivers) continue to capture the checkered flags and pole positions in Stock Medium and Stock Super Heavy classes this season, with the trophies and sore muscles to prove it! (and still growing)! I believe that the FHS oil has helped to make the difference. Please keep us posted on any new products or improvements…and samples are ALWAYS welcome!

See you at the races, and thanks again!

Dan Jackson
Crew Chief
Richardson Brothers Racing


PS, by the way, when I get my website set up, which should be in about 2-3 weeks, can I put up a link to your site?

Anyone is welcome to link to our site.


Thanks for the cool stickers & shirt. I’ll put the stickers on my kart to advertise your co. We’re going to put some stickers on the trailer too! If that’s ok with you guy’s? FHS is the best!!!!! 🙂 I don’t use any other oil but FHS. Adkins, they say your oil is the best too. See ya later ……………….

Adam McLellan

E-Mail indy9431Atbright.net


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to start out by saying that you have an excellent product.  We have been using FHS oil for eight months now and I have found our engines cleaner when I tear them down and they run an average of twenty degrees cooler.  We have also noticed an increase of 150-180 more r.p.m. on our Limited Modified.  In this day and age of everyone claiming to have the best oil on the market it is refreshing to see someone back that claim up.  You have done that 100%.

I would like to run the FHS logo on the side panels of our kart.  I would also like to sell your products at the tracks we run.

Thank You,
Anthony Gifford

Thank you to all of our customers. We really enjoy getting messages like this. We will do our best to keep producing the best racing oils available.
The following is a letter sent to FHS Supply, Inc. from Kevin Greer at Palmyra Speedway.

“The Ultimate Karting Weekend”

FHS – The “Ultimate Kart Racing Oil!”


The “Jr. Ultimate II” and “The Ultimate IV” by Briggs & Stratton/All Sport/Ashland Chemical are now in the history books.  A great weekend was had by racers, fans, and staff alike, but you and your company and others like you are the ones that are to thank for the success that this weekend has enjoyed over the past four years.

On behalf of the drivers, crews, and myself…….I extend a sincere THANK YOU for your contribution to The Ultimate Karting Weekend.  I realize that you are asked for your help continually throughout the racing season, and that you only choose those that you feel are worthy of your support.  I am very proud of the fact that you chose Palmyra Speedway!

I am proud to present the only 4 cycle endurance kart racing of this kind in the United States.  These races put all factors to the ultimate test…..driver, machine, components, preparation, competitive strategy, and racing luck.  All of these factors must be on your side in order to claim victory.

Congratulations to the winners and to all teams who had the guts and determination to compete and to finish…and special thanks to you for your taking part in The Ultimate Karting Weekend.

Please accept this souvenir and photo as a token of my appreciation.  We look forward to having you on board for the 1998 Ultimate Karting Weekend!


Kevin A. Greer
Palmyra Speedway – Adrian, MI
(313) 848-KART

The following is a letter sent to FHS Supply, Inc. from Woessner Racing, the 1997 Palmyra Ultimate Winners.

This year’s Ultimate 16 hour race at Palmyra Speedway was a very good one for the Woessner Racing Team.

We started the race on FHS Lightning Stock oil.  We ran this oil for about two hours before switching to the thinner, faster draining Dominator oil.  After about ten hours we elected to change motors.  Not because of a failure, but our first motor was getting tired and slowing down.  We ran the rest of the race on the second engine and Dominator without any motor problems at all.

In our four years of running The Ultimate we have two wins, one second, and one third place finish.  In 64 hours of racing at Palmyra with FHS oils we have had only one engine come apart. (not lubrication related)

The Woessner Racing Team would like to thank FHS supply for helping in out success over the past four years.

We look forward to running The Ultimate V with FHS.

Zach Arnold

I have enclosed a team photo and a couple of pit stop shots. One is a routine fuel only stop and the other is routine fuel and oil change. Also, I have enclosed a list of our team members.

The following is from a fax sent to FHS Supply, Inc. from the Palmyra Speedway.
(Content edited by FHS Supply, Inc. – deleted other oil brands)

“Just 85 laps between 1st + 2nd, but over 200 laps between 2nd + 3rd:  Must have been the oil!!
Re: Ultimate Lap Results & Oil Used

1. 3864  Team Adkins   FHS Lightning Stock
2. 3779  Team Woesnner  FHS Lightning Stock

3. 3571  Team Olson
4. 3533  Team Stallsworth
5. 3374  Team O’Driscoll
6. 2848  Team R&B Olson
7. 1611  Team Nighswander
8. 1542  Team Seelman
(Teams 3-8 did not use FHS Racing Oils – comment inserted by FHS Supply, Inc.)

FHS dominates ‘The ULTIMATE III’ … finishing 1st & 2nd!
FHS has provided the lubrication for the past TWO years to both the FIRST and SECOND place teams!
FHS is truly ‘THE ULTIMATE’ kart racing oil!

Fred & John
My thanks to everyone at FHS for your quality products and your commitment to ‘The ULTIMATE’ kart race.
Kevin A. Greer”

The following is from a email sent to FHS Supply, Inc. from the 1996 Palmyra Jr. Ultimate Winner.

“My name is David Durban.  Last August my team and I won the 1996 Jr. Ultimate  at Palmyra Speedway using FHS Oils and we would like to thank you for making such great oil.  We are planning to run the Senior Ultimate this year using your oils again.  I just wanted to let you know that you make an excellent product that helps win races.  Thanks for your time and effort.

Dave Durban”

Congratulations to Dave Durban and his team!  Good luck in next year’s race and thanks for using FHS Racing Oils.

The following is from a letter sent to FHS Supply, Inc. from the 1995 Palmyra Ultimate Winners.

“… In our recent run at the Ultimate in Palmyra, MI we ran 16 hours on FHS Lightning Stock oil.  We added PKS – AMT anti-friction metal treatment, 1 ounce per quart to all the oil.  Our oil changes were at 1 1/2 hour intervals with 14 ounces each time.  The same 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine was used the entire race.

The measurements of the motor came out very good.

Piston Wall Clearance – Start 0.007″  Finish 0.011″
Ring End Gap             – Start 0.015″  Finish 0.026″
Crank Diameter (Rod)- Start 0.998″  Finish 0.997″
Rod Diameter (Crank)- Start 1.000″  Finish 1.002″

We were a little skeptical about using an aluminum bore motor, but FHS oil kept it together.  The numbers say it all.

Again we appreciate your support and look forward to running the Ultimate next year…”

Congratulations to Team Woesnner on win