HP Booster (Propylene Oxide)



Product Description

80% Propylene Oxide / 20% Methanol


Low end Power Booster & Increased Torque for racing.

Model Fuel igniter.

Fuel Igniter (when you engine just dosen’t want to start).


FHS HP Booster (Propylene Oxide)

This low-end power booster (igniter) helps rich fuel burn faster and gives more torque.  You will see a performance increase, especially coming out of the corners and off the starting line.  Clear type passes methanol-water test. For use with Nitro, Methanol, or Gasoline powered engines up to 16:1 compression.  Mix at about 10% of your fuel mixture.  Pure Propylene Oxide HP Booster now ships by motor freight only to a commercial address. The pre-mixed 80%/20% HP Booster ships UPS in quart bottles only.  Get up and go for the Outlaws!



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