Red Max R/C Fuel Testimonials

Red Max R/C Fuel Testimonials


Thank you so much for the fast service.  You guys rock!

Robert Gillespie


I’ve had a chance to try out the Red Max fuel I purchased.  I tried the 10% nitro first followed by the 0%.

Excellent running, great throttle response and idle.  I’m done with the other brands.

You have a great product and I appreciate your customer service and phone call to make sure my order was correct.  Thank you Best Regards, Chris Jannelli

Have been a long time customer, and am always satisfied with service and fuel.

You guys make one heck of a fuel over there, I love it. Thanks for the great product!

Alex Holweger

Subj:    Re: Nitroethane
Just wanted to say everything arrived on time, item looks amazing,
great service and super-quick delivery. All of my future racing
fuel needs I will be using you guys! Thanks again.

Teddy and Stephanie

Subj:    Thanks
Thanks for quick shipping of our order This is the second year that I have ordered boat fuel for myself and my club (Oklahoma Model Boat Association). I am pleased with your fuel and your service I must complement the lady that took my order. She was very helpful, polite, pleasant and it was a pleasure talking to her. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Tom Boggs

Email from Chris Thomas

I wanted to let you guys know that we are happy to have you listed on our website. I have used your fuels for many years, always with good results. Thanks Again. Chris
Treasurer Ford Model Boat Club.

Chris Thomas Electrician – A/C Repair

I’ve heard good things about you guys, and I look forward to trying your product.
Thank you.

I’ve been using this same fuel for more than 15 years. It has worked well in a variety of engines.

Is this fuel offer too good to be true ? Well lets see: My name is Al Thiem and I have been using your 50% Boat fuel for years, it is the best !
Below is a link to your web site from mine.

Thanks Again…. even if this (website link promotion) doesn’t work I will still recommend your fuels to all !

Albert Thiem
Wantagh NY 11793

Thanks John and thanks for the hats .The guys at our pond seem impressed with your fuels and I have had no bearing/piston and liner issues since I changed over.
I will agree with you that adding that castor to my s&w fuel was the wrong thing to do.  I noticed that it separated and was floating suspended in the fuel.  I won’t do that again.

Talk to you in the spring with another order hopefully.

Happy Holidays.

You are #1 in fuels & service. Thanks.


I was turned onto your site by a friend in my RC Plane club. He uses nothing but your Red Max fuel, and swears by it, I mean like a drunken sailor !!!!! lol anyways, a couple questions for ya.

I mainly fly 4 stroke, OS70, YS91 &110~~~~~ 20/20 fuel on these?

I also have a couple Super Tigres, a G51, and a 2300~~~which fuel would be best for these?

Greg Varenkamp

Have been using RedMax in my 2 cycles for years

Same as last order…
Always great service, Fast shipping.

I used your fuel when I won the Twin Shootout in May at the Atlanta Race.

(Found website by) Google Search.
(FHS – RedMax) looked like the most knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable of all the sites I found.

I’ve gotten this mix before. I am very happy with your product and service. Thanks.

Dan Berry

I like the order form. I like the informal list of FHS products to order thing. It shows humanity. 🙂

I have used your fuel and am well satisfied with the performance.

I can get fuel cheaper from my club stock, but after 25 years of using RedMax exclusively, I don’t want to take the risk of using an unknown fuel…  and partly I fly to preserve my past…

Thanks for staying with us Larry, we truly appreciate the loyalty and are glad that you have found satisfaction over the years using our fuel.

Hey, we have had nothing but good performance from your diesel fuel. The long wet winter is just about over and we are getting into another season of vintage diesel control line combat…


[Need more fuel] for 15-year-old OS70 Surpass engines that still run like champs… Been a customer for years…

Christiansburg, VA

Bought from you last year… Excellent service and fuel.

Westbrook, CT

[You’re] doing great! Repeat customer.

McMinnville, OR

Love this fuel. I began flying 22 years ago with the local club in Florence, AL. The club purchased 55 gal drums of RedMax and dispensed it to the members. I was a user then and a user today. Keep it coming!
Marietta, GA

You guys rock! Thanks again.

You guys are great, I have used your fuel for years.

I was happy with the last batch of fuel I bought from you. Keep up the good work.

Mt. Pleasant, OH

My engines run great on your products.

OK City, OK

I just like your oil and fuel … better flying on heli.

Chula Vista, CA


The Hobbie stores in York PA carry (another brand) fuel and it is not good fuel.  Your fuel never hurt any of my motors on my planes, cars, boats, etc.  It is good fuel. The other fuels have messed up a motor or two. I had my 4 cycles and 2 cycles for a long time and the other guys I fly with replaced their motors in one or two years.  I would like to get fuel off you, but the only Hobbie store that has RedMax (around here) is Sweiters Hobby Depot and they have the car fuel only.

Daniel L. McBride
York PA

I have purchased Red Max from you before and it is the best fuel on the market. I have told many of my RC On-road friends about it and they are now running it.

Lee Muse
Winner’s Circle Gas RC Car


First off thanks for the product you sent. I took it to our world fastest rc challenge and next to our big fall race.  Everyone loved your product. They all had a huge power increase, cooler running temps and no fouled or burnt up plugs. You have just picked up a few more customers. I will definitely be placing an order when I get my new Truggy finished.  How about we do a “RedMax” race here this spring.. we normally get our first official race in about April 2nd weekend…WOooooo wait that is the next Worlds Fastest RC Challenge.  We will work something out.
Thanks again for your great product. I have about 1.5 qts left and will save some for me but I have a few more people that all I have to do is offer them a couple of tanks and then they are hooked as well..
If you have more, send em… banners, send em… want us to help promote your product… you know that answer…
Thanks again and talk to ya soon.
Chris Catlett
Ste Genevieve Park Board Member
Sainte Genevieve RC Park – Chairman


Have used your fuel since the 1980’s. Thanks very much for the fine fuel and the great service.


(Thank you!! for more than 40 years of flying! – Tony)


Need something for cool runs. Your best suggestion is OK with me.

As I promised, at last I am writing to give my complements on your great fuel that you have been mixing for me for some 20+ years. Take or leave any part you want.

In the late 1970’ies and 1980’s I supplied fuel for my R/C club, and we used between 2 and 3 barrels each year. It was standard Red Max 10% nitro, with 3% of the lube castor, the remainder was Red Max synthetic. I watched many engines run year after year on this fuel, some lapped, some ringed, some ABC, and all showed great durability, needled well, and had as good an idle as you could ask for.
Many times newcomers to the hobby would show up, fueling their engines with the “Green Death”, and when they experienced over heating, poor needling, and frequent inflight engine stoppages, a switch to Red Max cured their problems.

For the last 10 years, Red Max has mixed 1/2A fuel for me, and it has been the best all round 1/2A fuel I have ever used. It is 15% nitro, 10% propylene oxide, 5% castor, 15% Red Max synthetic, and the remainder Methanol. This fuel runs almost as well in 1/2A’s as common 30% nitro fuel. My CL club sponsor’s an annual Walt Musciano Scientific Commemorative were sport 1/2A’s from the 50’s and 60’s are used, and this fuel has proven to be the best running. I believe that the Red Max synthetic lube is in large measure responsible for this good performance, as it does not quench the combustion process, while reducing friction. I expect a good Wen Mac 049 to turn 15.5K on this fuel using a black Cox 5×3 prop. A good Fox sport 049 will turn 19K on the same prop. Both engines are very smooth running on this fuel.

Over the same year I have really enjoyed using Red Max diesel fuel. I used the BB formula, and find it works just great in the old diesels, such as ED Competition Specials, MDS, Mills, Drone’s, Elfins, and various other English and European diesels from the 40’s and 50’s. And more modern diesels, such as Oliver Tiger, ETA, Nelson and MVVS really perform up to expectations with it. Also various RC engines, converted or manufactured as diesels, OS, Fox, Tower, from 25’s to 60’s needle, idle and transition just great. It has served me and friends well in FF, CL, and RC.

Red Max fuel is my brand of choice because of performance, and I appreciate the service they offer in mixing to any specifications I request.

Hal Howard
Dale City, Va


Found from a search on Yahoo, after I remembered this is the only brand of fuel worth the money paid for it.

Love your fuel. Used to order direct. I was out of racing for a long time, just got back in to it.

I’ve used your fuels for many years…

I would like (some) of the 20% nitro and 12% oil of Fire and Ice Blend Fuel for my R/C car:

Great customer service, answered all my questions.
Looks like u guys know what your doin.
Keep up the good work and thank u very much.

The Fire & Ice Blend Car fuel was introduced at the beginning of this year and is quickly making its way to the top as some of the best fuel that you can use in R/C cars.

You can add to my former testimonial, the following wins:
2004 NOS Gas Power FreeFlight Champion, Muncie Nationals
2004 SAM Power FreeFlight GrandChamp
2002 SAM Power FreeFlight GrandChamp
Great fuel and service.
Thanks, Larry

I used to use your fuel exclusively when I was flying in the 70-80’s. Then I stopped flying in the 90’s. I have just resumed and …  hope I am duplicating my way-back-when fuel blend (it was just perfect) … Thanks.

(You) seem to be an awesome distributor(/manufacturer). Never have I found the convenience of asking for exactly what I want even down to the volume of containers from any other shop. (One of my friends) told me I really should give your fuel a try, so that is exactly what I am doing. I ordered enough to spot a couple buddies a quart too, that way I may be able to order larger quantities in the future if they like it.

Subj:    Fuel
I finally got a chance to run the fuel I got from you. I love it! SOOOOO much better than that (other name brand) crap. The blue stuff would just drip out of the pipe, but your stuff burns and runs great. I would have emailed sooner, but I just got a chance to run it, and had a HD die in my CPU not too long ago. When I run out I will be ordering my fuel from you. I got 6th in the A of Small Block Nitro Sprint at my first big nitro race. Thanks again.

Billy Caldwell
TMR Chassis
Brahma Racing Products

I have used your fuel many years ago… (after trying some other brands-JBW) … RedMax fuel is the best model fuel we ever used.
I’ve been stuck using Wildcat fuel and I do not like it.
Please let me know the total cost before you ship it if you can. If not, just ship it.

Thank you,
Bill Puhl

Subj:        6 year old red max Still WINNING RACES!

Thanks for the great fuel and service last time, Its been awhile since I last ordered 4/99, but I just now ran out! It is amazing that 6-year-old fuel still performed as well as the day I received it. Last week I won first place in D-Hydro class at Dayton Ohio and ran very strong in 1/8-scale also finishing all my heats but blowing off in the final! YOUR FUEL IS AMAZING, I even kept the same needle settings!!! This made returning to racing action after taking a couple years off a Breeze. The guys said Joe’s boats still “had it “but actually YOUR FUEL STILL HAS IT! Even if it is 6 years old!! This proves how pure of materials and how your knowledge of nitro fuels is pure brilliance.

Please send me another case and I’ll be good for another few years!!!

P.S. I’ve ran all engines with Red Max for the past 11 years with NO engine failures… Another red max story… You guys are the best.
JOE PETERS “Smokin Joe”

A great fuel supplier. Also, if you have any decals send me a couple thanks.

I fly competition FF and use your fuels exclusively. They are absolutely the best!

Excellent service & fuel.

Today I received my fuel. Thanks a lot for a friendly and fast experience.

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Thanks again for the great service,

Glenn Walker

(custom blended fuel)

It’s nice to be able to get exactly the blend I want.

I have been a customer for a long time, but dropped out for a couple of years. I am now getting back in to it.
Your fuel is outstanding.

I have had very good results using red max. Since 1999 I have won sport 21 in district nine three times winning back to back championships in 2002 and 2003, and my son has won sport 21 twice while using your 40% red max boat fuel. Its all about consistency.
Thanks again for your great product!

Bob Tuttle * namba276*

— Robert Tuttle

One of my message board buddies referred me to you.  I’m glad I found you.

Everything’s cool. Like the site.

Look forward to using your fuel.

Hi Guys,

I thought I would take a moment to thank you for your excellent service over the past several years. It never ceases to amaze me how fast you can deliver 5 gallons of fuel to my doorstep. Yes, I know that you are not too far away from my home in Durham, NC, but you guys routinely get my Monday morning fuel order delivered to my house by Wednesday afternoon. It’s like clockwork, that is until this week when I was pleasantly surprised to receive delivery on Tuesday. That’s like 36 hours! Amazing.

Now don’t let my excitement over fast shipping go to your head. That’s not what keeps me coming back. Red Max Fuel is simply the best fuel I have ever used, and I have tried many different brands in my R/C flying career. My engines love it, and what makes them happy, makes me happy too. Thanks for a great product.

Happy Holidays,

Allen Parsons


You guys have been great so far, I wouldn’t use any other fuel. We are a club *TriParish Flying Club* and we love the ability to (have FHS Supply – Red Max fuels) custom blend our fuel any way we want it, truly a plus…

Charlie Rivers

I’m a lifelong modeler, new to competition free flight. Everyone recommends your product.

I find your service and product very good.


Subj:   Fuel, oil, etc.
History that will interest you – Some years ago, our model racing group conducted tests with racing engines, here in the Arizona summer heat. Red Max was the only fuel that didn’t end up with fried engines… Thus I switched to Red Max.  (He also notes that the delivery of fuel by another name brand was spotty) After a long layoff, I’m returning to the hobby, in SAM old time models… (Long list of specific engines types)…  Although I won’t be using a lot of fuel, as compared to a pattern guy, I want to find one good, reliable supplier and stick with them. Thus, I am writing you, to explain what I’m up to, and get your suggestions.

Thanks for all your help,
Bob Slater

Subj:   Junior World Champs
Partially because of your help, my son was able to win the 2004 Junior world championships in F1J/P in Moncontour, France. We ran the 50% nitro blend and once again had excellent result. Conditions were far from perfect and we had excellent needle valve settings on all flights. Thanks again for your support and hope you enjoy the picture. One is of the entire team and the second is of my son, with his awards. Not only did he take first individual and first as a team, he was awarded the overall high time award. Plus, after the WC we attended a contest in Muncie and he possibly has a new A Gas record of 30 minutes. The past record was 12+ minutes!

Thanks again and continued success!!

John and John Lorbiecki


Subj:  Castor blend
I have a gallon of your Red Max Premium 15% nitro fuel. I also have about a Half gallon of your Castor oil.  I am ready to break in a small engine…
I have been using your fuels for years and find them great. Had to give up flying because of vision problems, but have had eye surgery and am now back into flying again. I have been airplane modeling since 1936. Started out on an old Bunch Gasoline engine, ran several types of Diesels on your Red Max Diesel fuel, and at age 84, am getting back to the fun again.  Will appreciate any help you can give me on the above request. Thank You Very Much.

Ed Barnard

Subj:   Nice Job
I got my fuel on Friday,

I just wish to thank you for your prompt attention to my small order.
And to say that when my fuel supply runs low again, I WILL be back for more.


I don’t burn much fuel, but at least I do use the best. My engines start better on your fuel, and require less needle tweaking than with any other fuel. In other words, the viscosity seems to be much more stable over a wide temperature range.

Postcards from the JR Power Flyers in France at the World Championships:

Thank you for shipping the fuel. Because of your help the USA swept the Power Event 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th at the JR. World Free Flight Champs. Your fuel has powered us to 3 World Championships in the last 3 yrs. and our 1st team Championship.

JR Power Flyers

I just wanted to let you know how much myself, as well as the rest of the team appreciated your help with the fuel.
Thank you very much.

Austin Gunder

Thank you for your donation to the US Jr. team. We really appreciate it. We’re having a great time in France!
Thanks alot!
Bria Rowe?

On behalf of the United States Junior free flight team, I would like to thank you for your contribution to our team. We’re having a wonderful time, but wouldn’t be here without your help.

Thank you,
Jon Schelp


Thanks for all your help
Cody ?

(I) have used Red Max fuel for years. (It) seems to always be the best fuel of any other I’ve tried over the years.

Great service and fuel.

Thank you, the last batch of (performance R/C) boat fuel was great.  The oil leaves a nice film to protect the engine.
Keep up the good work.

Please send me … of … all synthetic oil model airplane fuel.  My 12 year old (1000+ flights) SuperTiger 45 ABC loves RedMax fuel.

I have used RedMax fuel for the last twenty years in my four cycle engines. I only fly four cycle engines. Thanks for keeping my engines running long and well.


Thank you, once again a good season with RedMax Fuels:


My last order was great fuel…We fly a lot of vintage diesel combat up in this part of the northwest. My friend from Canada, Mellyne won the d/bat division contest at the northwese regionals recently with you fuel. Keep up the good work.

I found your ad in Model Aviation magazine. You were recommended to me by Techno-Power Engines as the best fuel for their engines. Thanks.

You guys are doing a great job.

Once again we are on the US Junior Free Flight Team and will be using your products there. Last time you provided us fuel and we took first and second. We want to make it easy when we go to the WC (World Championships) and use the same fuel … Thanks again.

RedMax fuel has always been consistent through the years:
It is hard to wear out an engine with the RM oil. It is not unusual for my YS engines to last for 10 years plus without any major rebuilds and that is from a lot of practice/competition flying…

Best regards, David K. Hoppes:

You guys do a great job!

Please just do not ever go away,
(*Other brand*) fuel seems to have a lubricant package designed to promote model cleanliness by means of evaporating.  (*FHS – don’t worry, we’ve been making the best model fuels for over 30 years, and our lubricant package doesn’t evaporate. We’ll be around for awhile.*)

Found you once while searching for info on nitro fuels. Your prices and attention to detailed blends stuck in my mind. I later searched for Red Max nitro 30% car fuel using Google to find you again. This time I’ll make a bookmark.

Been using your fuels for about 25 years…

I’m a repeat e-customer, (please note the address change). I’m happy with your fuels, and their stability.

Subj:    Great Fuel
Hi, I just want to thank you guys for making such a great fuel. … I would have to say this is the best season I have ever had. I ran about 11 gallons of your 50% fuel through my .67 CMB green head motor in my 1/8 scale Miss Budweiser Hydroplane. Pulled the motor apart twice during the season and it looked great inside. Everything was wearing just perfectly. Didn’t even have to replace bearings, they still feel like new. I wound up winning the IMPBA District XIV 1/8 scale championship. You can bet I’ll be stocking up next year as well.

Thank you,
Ryan Hobby

Some guys like models, some like engines, I like fuel experimentation:
You guys are great when it comes to filling my odd-ball mixtures. Thanks:

Incidentally, the new stalker engines were made for all-synthetic lube in the fuel, but they don’t say what oil type so I’m experimenting.

Subj: Drum of Fuel
The Port City RC Club of Muskegon, Michigan would like to order a drum of fuel, … , the same recipe as we bought earlier this year. … Thank you for your great service and product. You have helped keep a lot of model aircraft flying this year. Duke VanderLaan,

Used your fuel for years. It’s the Best.

Thank You.
Red Max fuel is the only fuel I use on my Andy Brown, MAC Motors: It is the only fuel that brings out the full potential from my MAC motors. Thanks for the great job in providing the best fuel on the

Found you by searching the internet, also heard good things about you from other R/C fliers.

I heard about Red Max through word of mouth. Many good things were said. It’s time to try some for myself.

Model Boat Fuel

I give you and your fuels a five star rating due to the quality and care taken with the fuels that are sold. The performance of the engines and the freshness of the fuels are great. I was originally referred by Joe, from 707 Specialties. He said that you better call and order from them … as other brands of fuel could hurt the motor and not perform as well as Red Max fuels.

Richard LeClaire
P.S. I’ve been flying Red Max fuels for over 20 years and have always been satisfied with the performance.

I’m back: I’ve been out of the hobby for several years and now have the time to get back in the air. I’ve been a RedMax user for many years in the past. Great Fuel.

I have been using you for fuel for a long time. The service and product have always been excellent, the web makes it even easier.

First let me tell you that our club members were very satisfied with the fuel we received from you last year.
Thank you for the excellent quality of your product.

Thank you for you quality service.

Sincerely yours,
David L. Stevenson
Sec., Oneonta R/C Flyers

… to be used for K&B Outboard Marine Engines.
I have used RedMax fuels for many years and continue to get top performance from them. I would not use any other fuel in the engines in my RC boats.

I wish to thank you for the time you took with me on the phone. You were a great help. Thank You!
…(fuel order)…
Thanks again,
God Bless

My name is Brad Davis and I ordered some fuel from you about a month or so ago that had 20% nitro,11% oil with a 60/40 blend and was tinted green (remember?) On behalf of my team I just wanted to write you to let you know that your fuel is amazing. By far the best fuel we have ever ran (we’ve used O’Donnell, Byron and Trinity)!! I am in need of some more fuel for the team.

Please let me know and I’ll fill out an order form tomorrow. Thank you again for great fuel and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks!! Brad
Team Mindblown

Been using you for years. Thanks for watching after us.

Kent County Aeromodelers have been ordering the club fuel from RED Max for the past 8 years. Good Fuel, Good Prices, Good Service.

R.C. Burnett, Pres.

superb fuels, used them before and liked them:

Thank you,
P.S. GREAT FUEL!!!!! Keep up the good work.

I am using some of your diesel fuel I have had for about 20 years [we only recommend about 1/2 year shelf life!-FHS] fortified with starting fluid. It works, but I am hoping a fresh batch will provide much easier starts.

My son has refused to use any other fuel for the last 20 years. He likes your name and logo and your products have always worked well for us. Just keep up the good work.

Best Fuel We Have Ever Run. Thanks So Much.
Tom Moore
Sec/Trea Jackson RC Model Boats

Just wanted to make you aware that your fuels won the World Championship as well as taking second!! It was a USA sweep of the first two places, never done before in Junior competition…..

Austin Gunder once again took first and my son John Lorbiecki took second at the World Championships in Lucenec, Slovakia last week. Your help in getting the fuel delievered was truly appreciated by both of us. The airplanes flew very well and we had the highest climbing models on the field. Austin was probably 100 feet higher than we were and we were 100 feet higher than the rest of the competitiors.

Thanks so much for all your help and Craig Gunder will be getting photos to you on these victories!!!

John Lorbiecki
GE Medical Systems
Mechanical Engineering-
Applied Science Lab

Subj: Great service
Just wanted to say thank you very much for such great service. Ordered the fuel Monday (from SC) and it arrived about 30 minutes ago (to WI). Love doing business with you folks. Until the next order.
Pat Seale
Galesville, WI – USA

Great product at a good price.

Great fuel at a fair price, it doesn’t get any better than this!

…Red Max model fuel for a Traxxas Tmax.  I need 20% Nitro and 10% Lubricant.
Thank you very much.  Your fuel is awesome!

Subj: Where I use the FHS Racing Oils
Thanks for the tech information on the oil and helping me select the correct product.

I use the FHS oil in a … “model fuel blend” …. Results have been fantastic.

My results are posted on the following web pages:

Looking forward to receiving the order.

Possibly in the future I will be doing some more testing with different blends of fuels / engines / Helis, but for now I can tell you that the FHS oils in my fuel blend works great!

Thank you,

Ken Jennings
AMA CD #7396
IRCHA #1484

As always it is a pleasure to do business with you, your fuel is the best!!

Andy Eggleston

Subj: Thanks for the great service!!!
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great service I recently had with the 30% fuel that I ordered. Wow!! You guys are great!! It is a rare event these days when a customer receives the kind of service you provided in my order. Again, many thanks for a job well done and getting my fuel to me in record time. I would also like to point out that both my Saito engines pulled 200 rpm more over the Wildcat fuel (30%) and my plane is easier to clean as well. You can be assured that when I run out of fuel, I will be ordering from you again.

Paul Sayegh

Subj: Re: FAI Castor Fuel mix
Just a quick note to let you know that my order arrived Friday and wanted to thank you for the great service. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.


Pat Seale
Galesville, WI

Thanks for the prompt response to my e-mail query. I was referred to you by one of your satisfied customers. With the demise of our local hobby shop, and a long drive to the nearest hobby shop, your straight-forward pricing and shipping became a very attractive alternative.

One case (Red Max Model Boat Fuel) … for my high speed boat engines: had a good race season last year and your product served me very well, it never lets you down.


Bob Morton

I just want to thank you for your contribution to my very successful 2nd year in model boating.  I have been an RC flyer for over 40 years, but in my second year in RC boating I had the pleasure of being the NAMBA Nationals winner in A OPC (Stock) Tunnel at the recent Manteca, CA. Nationals.  All I can say is that your fuel has been one of the most consistent factors in racing for me, and my son, throughout this year.  We thank you, and keep up the good work.

Ray Ackenhausen Sr.

Hi Guys:

Thanks for the incredibly FAST service with my order of RC Fuel.  I placed the order online on Wednesday afternoon and my flying buddy (who has a commercial deliver address) delivered it to me that Friday, two days later!  Great customer service.

Jim Frater

Incredible!!!! Today my son wanted to start his R/C car that had sat in the garage since last summer….but the R/C car fuel that we had purchased from FHS last year had used.  My son said “Dad let’s use some of your model airplane fuel”. I told him that having not flown in two years the fuel goes bad. He persisted and I went to the basement and came back with a partially used gallon of 10% nitro / 20% oil RED MAX. Just to satisfy my son I fueled and primed the car…once we figured out that we needed to connect the fuel line the car started after a dozen or so pulls on the recoil starter. I picked up the gallon of fuel and noticed the label had my business’s name on it, as I frequently had fuel shipped to my place of business. I SOLD MY BUSINESS IN SEPTEMBER OF 1992!!!! I believe that the fuel was purchased a few years prior to 1992. Partially open fuel over TEN YEARS OLD….and the O.S car engine did not hesitate or run rough, it was as if it just manufactured yesterday. Why?….QUALITY products to make a quality fuel.

Sincerely, Mark Isenberg … Wallingford, CT…

…(fuel order)…

Thank you for such a great fuel and great service!!

Another happy flier,
Pat Davis
Princeton, WV

…(fuel order)…
P.S. We have had great performance with your fuel.  We run it in both 2 cycles + 4 cycles with great success.  Thank you for a fine product and great service, especially the lady with the great voice + lovely accent.

David Waggoner
Brookville, OH

I enjoyed our phone conversation yesterday very much, and at your request I will try to put our story down on paper.
My oldest son Austin Gunder, won the 2000 Junior World Championship in the Czech Republic last August.  This event is the World Championships for Juniors (age 19 and below) in Free Flight.  Austin flies the F1J model which is the piston event.  We are allowed up to .061 displacement, and fuel, and the engine run can be no longer than 7 seconds (I call this event vertical drag racing).
As I was telling you yesterday, I have been mixing my own fuel for 20 years and have always been pretty happy with it.  As we were preparing for the 2000 AMA NATS and the Worlds (which were one week later) I was running some of your 50% (we are competitors, and will test anything that we feel could be better) to see how our fuel stacked up against a known top quality brand.
What I found was that both fuels made the same power (same engine, prop, setup, in about a 5 minuet time window), I consider that pretty much apples to apples, but your fuel was more consistent from run to run.  With your fuel the engine would start right up, and usually not need any adjustment of the needle valve from flight to flight.  My fuel would sometimes give Austin a little trouble starting, and may require a needle adjustment.  What really bothered me was that sometimes on my fuel the engine would “fall off the needle” on the way up and that we can not have.
As I said before, we are competitors and this was the World Champs we were preparing for, so I left my fuel (and my ego) home.
I would have liked to run both fuels against each other (and will) while changing compression, but at the time our engines along with your Red Max fuel gave us a combination that allowed us to concentrate on trimming our models, along with allowing Austin to get a lot of practice time. Both of these are much more important to us than a few RPM.

Craig Gunder
Red Lion, PA

Subj: Fuels
I have been using your Red Max fuels for over 10 years now and below are some of the “Larger” contests I have won with it.

1991 SAM R/C Assist Grand Champion, Jean, Nevada
1992 SAM R/C Assist Grand Champion, Lawrenceville, Illinois
1993 SAM R/C Assist Grand Champion, Taft, California
1998 SAM Free Flight Power Grand Champion, Muncie, Indiana
1999 NFFS Nostalgia Gas Champion, Muncie, Indiana
2000 SAM Free Flight Power Grand Champion, Pensacola, Florida

I have used your diesel fuels, FAI fuels and Glow fuels to win these events.
Your fuels surely have helped in these contests.

Thanks for great fuels.

Larry Davidson
E. Northport, NY

I am writing to say how pleased I am with your fuel and also the most helpful advice you have given me.

In the past few weeks I have had some trouble with my engines with their idles due as you suggested to my own incorrect adjustments.

I have used Red Max fuels for many years but as happens I got in to bad habits. You straightened me out.

Just recently I have been using Red Max 10% plus igniter. Now my engines are smooth in pick up and as for idling they do not ever quit when taxiing. An absolute revelation to me. The addition of igniter is great for as you know that up here in New Hampshire we get extremely low temperatures.

Another plus is the use of all synthetic lubricant which is so much cleaner than part caster oil. I had always used part caster but what an improvement without it. Even my 35 year old Merco 60 runs like a new engine.

Again many thanks to you. One always has problems of one sort or another. You have eliminated engine problems for me.

Yours sincerely
Lucien Wigdor

Thanks again for the great fuel. I’ve been using your SuperTigre fuel
(that you’re mixing for Al’s hobby in Norwalk CT) for 4 or 5 years now,
and I’ve never had an engine failure. I’m currently flying a 1/4 scale
Fokker Triplane, so the reliability is much appreciated.

Sincerely, Steve Spoldi.

Subj: Product Satisfaction
I have been using Red Max fuel exclusively for several years. I retired a couple of years ago, and in the rush of selling our home and beginning construction of our new home, I neglected to prep the two engines that I flew regularly. A month ago, I started going over the two planes to prepare to fly again. I expected the worst when I opened up the crank case on each engine. They were like new!. No deposits, gum, or rust. There was a little rust on the bearing cages, but nothing significant. Needless to say, I will continue using Red Max!

Subj: Oil Percentage
I have been using Red Max 10% w/ synthetic oil only, for at least 15 years. I’ve used it in everything from 049s to the YS 120 FS. It’s just great. No complaints. I don’t bother to keep 2 and 4 cycle fuels because all my FSs run just great and I figure the extra oil can’t hurt. Hasn’t so far after at least 12 years. I always buy by the drum. Love the savings. I have 18 year old engines that have seen nothing but Max all synthetic and still hand start after thousands of flights. Literally.

Thanks. Bob Pinkus

Subj: New-Order!
I have used your fuel for a long time now with excellent results. I had one OS 65 last 11 years and that was racing. How about some boat decals with this order. Thank You.


This is the order I spoke to you on the phone about for the LAMBS District I R/C Boat Club.

We thank you in advance for everything you’ve done past and future.  Red Max is an excellent fuel and has brought me and district I racers reliability we all come to know.  Thank You!

Thanks for your speedy reply to my inquiry on the price of the fuel.

Many times someone will come to our field and not be able to get their engine started for some reason; after changing glow plugs with no better luck we have them pump their fuel back in their bottle and fill their plane with ‘Red-Max’ from one of our flight boxes. If they haven’t gotten their needles off too far their engines usually start right up.

Thanks for a consistently fine and reliable product.

Ben Townsend

Subj: Fuel
My father and I have been burning Red Max for as long as I can remember with no problems with rust or bearings on any engine. Currently I am stationed in San Antonio and appear to be the only one around using your fuel. I ran out one weekend so I bought a gallon of Byrons 10% fuel to get by on. I was flying my HOTS with a brand new ENYA 50 on it. It ran ok on the Byron’s, however my Jett 50 didn’t run worth a damn. By the next weekend my Red Max had arrived and I started my Enya and it was like a whole new engine!!! It turned 1500 rpm faster right of the bat and transitioned superbly. When I took off I was behind the a/c! After my flight I gave a fellow modeler with a balky Magnum 40 a tank,( he was running Byrons 15%) and his engine picked up 1500 also. Not to mention the idle and transition were suddenly superb. Another modeler in the parking lot heard the difference and immediately came over and asked what we had done to the engine. His comment was next time you order get me some too!! We got him some for the next weekend and his old trusty long jon w/ a Super Tiger 61 would now go vertical. Your fuel sells itself , I now have three other modelers in the club who have tried your fuel and seen the difference. Keep up the great work!

Mike Jacobs
River City R/C

Just recently in the R/C Modeler Magazine there was an article written by (an editor) concerning engine bearing problems.  (The editor) was receiving letters from modelers whether or not to use after run oil after a day flying.  It really made me laugh.  I own thirty-five engines and some are still in airplanes that I fly now.  Some engines being used right now have been bought back in 1973.  I never have ever replaced a single bearing in any engine I own.  I even wrote to (the editor) and said the only fuel I have ever used is Red Max.  I said, “What more can I say?  Also I have never used after run oil”.  Maybe that’s my secret.

Thank you again.
Richard J. Sauro

Dear John, Fred, + FHS –

It was very nice talking to you (John) last week about my return to R/C.  In the past I used your Red Max fuel exclusively because of its inherent properties.  I ordered a case of fuel but asked if it would be OK to use what little I had left over (from years ago) just to start my 4-cycle engines with, until the new fuel arrives.  I told it did not smell funny, did not look gummy and was not discolored.  You said it would probably be OK but the needle valve setting might be sensitive.  Well, not only was I surprised that it ran beautifully from dead idle to full power without being sensitive on the needle valve setting, I also found a date I had put on the bottom of the fuel jug – 1984!!(That is 14 years difference!-FHS)  I want to add that this fuel was stored on a shelf in my garage all those years and we all know what kind of temp. changes go on inside a garage.
All I can say is whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!
Thanks for everything

Steve Lepler


Thanks for the fuel.  I know from flying the U-2/TR-1 that fuel is especially critical in tight situations.  U-2’s use a special fuel.  I feel FHS is special fuel for our model engines.

Larry Driskill

I’ve used Red Max fuel for several years. I started with control line combat planes, then R/C racing boats where Red Max is king. Now I fly R/C precision aerobatics (IMAC). Last year I burned thirty gallons of Red Max in my YS motors. This year my flying partner talked me into splitting a fuel order with him. He bought sixty gallons of another brand of 20%nitro/20% synthetic fuel.
We practice constantly, after about eighty flights (about ten hours flight time) his engine began acting up. It turned out to be an excessively worn piston. I talked to Futaba about the wear and the fuel we use. They recommended that I add oil. I told them that I had used Red Max last year with the same oil percentage without a problem. They recommended adding your oil to fuel I have if I wished to continue using it! I have some 62RM oil on hand which I added to this fuel, but needless to say I will be ordering Red Max from now on won’t be talked into trying something else.

Mike Kuper

P.S. Last year you sent me a hat and shirt which I wore at all eight of the contests I entered. This year I have placed first and second in the first two meets and lead in the championship points.

On February 27, 1997 I found a Supertiger 45 ABC engine, I had crashed into a swampy lake at R.C.A.C.F. flying site in Apopka, Florida.  The engine was in the water over 15 months before I finally found it.  I hosed it off at home with fresh, clean water, removed the carburetor to make sure debris had not gotten into the crank case.  I removed the back plate & head and there wasn’t one sign of corrosion whatsoever inside the housing, head, piston or sleeve.

I might add the engine rotated with the head and back plate off.  I didn’t remove the crack shaft because the bearing felt smooth, I did inspect the piston and sleeve and did not find any pitting or damage.

I believe this to be due to Red Max fuel and additives which protected the inner workings of the engine.
All my engines both 2 and 4 stroke use Red Max 15% only and have for years.  For me Red Max is #1 but I don’t recommend crashing into a swamp to prove it.

This engine was back in the air in 4 days after cleaning and reassembling, also the hot plug is the same one that was in the engine when it crashed (Enya #3).

I fly twice a week about 3 or 4 flights and flew 4 flights this morning of approximately 40 minutes running total.  The engines preforms beautifully as any of my flying club members will tell you.

Charles M. Sutyak