FHS Racing Oil Discounts & Sales

Sorry, there are no sales on FHS Racing Oils at this time.

The only discounts are for Dealers.

Note:  Dealer Discounts are not currently working through the website.  If you are a dealer and want dealer pricing, please Contact Us.

If you want to be set up as a dealer.  Please Contact Us.

To become a dealer for FHS Racing Products, we need to get a copy of your business license, tax id #, and a letterhead, business card, or advertising showing that you are in the motorsports industry. You can fax these to our machine. Once we have these items, we will fax you a copy of our dealer package. We require dealers to order 120 quarts or 30 gallons at a time, although this can be packaged in 12 qt, 20 qt, or 4 gal cases. Payment is by credit card, prepayment for shipped orders. We have further discounts for those dealers who also get 10+ drums of methanol during a pick-up.

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