Fuel Components


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Fuel Components:

For the people who want to make their own fuel, we offer all the components that go in the fuel.


Note: if you want just a Custom Blend Contact Us,  We can make it for you.

Note: Due to Shipping & Hasmat Regulations we don’t ship pure Nitromethane or Propylene,  it will be a mix of 80% Nitro or Prope and 20% Methanol.

Nitromethane, Propylene Oxide, and Methanol only ship by UPS ground.


80% Nitromethane / 20% Methanol

80% Propylene Oxide / 20% methanol


Synthetic Oil  ( 62RM )

Castor Oil

Dye  ( Red, Blue, or Purple )  –  1oz pack powder dye ( enough to dye 50 to 100 gallons )


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