The purest, clean-burning, virgin methanol fuel for use in 2 or 4-cycle racing engines. We get tank truck loads fresh, (typical purity=99.984%). We use only primary source, racing-class, top-grade methanol, not a secondary source by-product. This is the best, highest-grade racing fuel that you can get. In addition, we use state-of-the-art storage, drying, and filtering systems. Use only the best in your engine for maximum performance. Buy in drum-quantity loads for the best pricing. Methanol is also being considered as an alternative, eco-friendly fuel for use in DMFC’s – Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, the power source of the future. Pure Methanol can ship by UPS in quarts, or by motorfreight for gallons or drums. However, the most economical is direct pickup in drums.


Racing go-kart fuel.

Methanol Engine Fuel  ( Racing, Monster Trucks, Tractor Pull, etc )

Other uses:  Model Fuel, Bio-diesel fuel, windshield washer fluid, concrete mold release, anti-freeze for tractor tires, and Direct Methanol Fuel Cells.

Removing water from gasoline.  Methanol mixes with the water in the gas allowing it to burn.  Note: methanol is harmful to the seals in a gasoline engine.  Don’t mix concentration higher than  5% methanol to gas ( about 1 quart methanol to 5 gallons of gas).   Use up fuel as soon as possible and replace with fresh gas, to prevent corrosion and damage to seals.

Methanol has an octane rating of about 110

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