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Drain old oil out, change oil filter, and fill up with FHS SmokeLess oil.  Results should be almost immediate.  If car is still smoking, let it run for about 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes your car should stop smoking as long as you use FHS SmokeLess oil.

Note: Smokeless is an oil not an additive.  If you mix it with other oils you will get smoke.  You also need to change the oil filter, as old oil can get trapped in the filter.

Reduced odds of stopping smoke in diesels and turbos.

*FHS SmokeLess Car Oil: 

Designed to bring new life, performance, and protection to an aging, worn engine.  Manufactured from the finest ingredients to stop oil smoking, to reduce emissions, to give a cleaner, more environment-friendly vehicle.  Results speak for themselves, FHS SmokeLess car oil has over a 99.9% success rate of greatly reducing the smoke or stopping it all together.

Base Price & Case Types

4 qt case($19.00 per qt)$76.00 / case
5 qt case($19.00 per qt)$95.00 / case
6 qt case($19.00 per qt)$114.00 / case
12 qt case($16.25 per qt)$195.00 / case
20 qt case($15.75 per qt)$315.00 / case
40 qt ($14.97 per qt)$598.50 / (2 x 20 qt case)
80 qt($14.18 per qt)$1134.00 / (4 x 20 qt case)

Note Quantity Discounts not working on web site, if buying more than 1 – 20qt case – Please Contact Us.


SmokeLess for standard used car with worn engine that smokes heavily.

Note: SmokeLess Lite has been renamed 30wt SmokeLess.

30wt SmokeLess for use in colder climates and for cars that require a lighter grade oil.
Shipment by UPS Ground for small orders, min=4 quart
Shipment by motor freight to commercial address for large orders
Check our website (FHS SmokeLess FAQs page) for more information


How much FHS Smokeless Oil do I need:

You need at least enough for an oil change.  5 to 8 qts for most cars.

If your not sure how much your car takes, consult your owners manual.

Average for most cars:

4 cylinder  –  5qts

6 cylinder  –  6qts

8 cylinder  –  5 to 8 qts depending on the size of the engine.


What the different colors of the smoke mean:

Black Smoke  –  Black smoke is the result of partially-burned fuel being carried down the exhaust.  This unburned fuel is wasteful expensive, and a carcinogen.

Blue Smoke  –  Pale, bluish-white smoke is the result of engine lubricating oil being burned in the engine’s combustion chamber.  This is normally due to worn valve guides or piston rings and requires extensive engine repair.  FHS SmokeLess oil will solve this problem 99.9% of the time

White Smoke  –  White smoke is usually due to a broken head gasket.


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FHS SmokeLess Video

FHS SmokeLess FAQs

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11 reviews for SmokeLess Motor Oil*

  1. Robert spencer (verified owner)


    • fhsoils

      Thank you for the positive comments.

  2. Saeed

    Using it on a BMW 745LI since 2010. Has worked like magic. No smoke since first application.

    • fhsoils

      Thank you for your positive comments.

  3. E.L. Wasserman

    Have bad valve seals in an old Chevy 350 V8. Used to show quite a bit of smoke when started. With this smokeless oil – only a brief few puffs – and the exhaust remains clean for the day. I’d say it’s 95% effective in my case. Also, the oil pressure increased, which is a great plus. Very happy with the product.

  4. Don

    Using this oil on my 325CI E46 due to the burning of regular conventional oil.Everyone knows the E46 drinks oil. This product works great no more burning oil no more smoke cloud.And im a customer for life. THANK YOU FHS

  5. scw

    Best product, best service..Happy customers. Thank you!!!

  6. Chris Carroll

    Going to give your product a try. Have a 2005 Nissan pathfinder 4.0L v6 with blue smoking oil burning problem. These bad reviews are hilarious. White smoke!!! Not an oil problem. Will write an honest review when your product arrives and use it.

  7. kevin (verified owner)

    I have a 5.9 ram, rebuilt heads new gaskets valve seals with compression at 155 all 8. this thing smoked like a forest fire guessing (bad oil ring). can’t replace pistons at this time so I tried this OIL and it Works, A little heavy on the price at $17 a qt but it works. Will not stop consumption, my engine still uses a qt every 2 weeks but it at least it’s not smoking. I give it 4 stars because I feel the price would be more fair around $10-$12 a qt.

  8. Mohamed

    I have 2011 BMW X5 4.4 turbo
    It was a lot of smokes coming from the mufflers I tried all kind of oil
    Nothing really work . And when I start using this oil The smoke went away completely It was like magic from the first minute . My car runs good no smokes thank you so much 👌🏻

  9. barrys automotive inc (verified owner)

    The best stop smoke oil. i am a customer for life

  10. Randy Panozzo

    Great product i used it before getting ready to order some more it works

  11. Randy Panozzo (verified owner)

    This stuff really works i been useing it a few years now good stuff

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