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FHS Smokeless Video

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Amazon Order:  5 stars

I have a 2002 Mustang GT 4.6 L
Smoke bad at idle put this oil in it no more smoke runs like a champ.

Big D

Amazon Order:  5 stars

Smokeless burning oil – we flushed engine as directed – and this product work perfect – other remedies failed – FHS performed great

Mark O’Brien

Amazon Order 5 stars

Works Great!!!!  No Smoke!!!!

Anthony Miller

Amazon Order:  5 stars

Make sure you change your filter and order enough FHS to account for the new filter

I got immediate results, I’m using this product until I can have my valve stem seals replaced in my BMW x5

Amazon Customer

Amazon Order:  5 stars

Works just says it does 10/10

Jalon Armstrong

Amazon Order:  5 stars

This oil is great

my dad’s old 1995 GMC sierra 1500 350 (5.7L) v8 had leaky valve guide seals and was smoking noticably at times. change to this oil and a new filter, and now it never smokes. i know its not the same as repairing the engine, but it sure makes the old truck a lot nicer to drive.


Amazon Order: 4 stars

It really works

It worked for my bmw try it its not a scam

Acce 3000

Amazon Order:  5 stars

I am in the car business and deal with all kind of cars daily. I bought A BMW X5 for my better half. The X5 would smoke upon acceleration. I flushed the oil and replaced the oil filter and the oil with this. It worked instantly.


Dear FHS Supply,

I am sending you a very, very, very “BIG” thank you for the smokeless oil. I was able to use the smokeless oil on my 2009 Nissan Titan for almost three years. Unfortunately, the my little Titan baby blew a head gasket  a month ago and shared the fine smokeless oil with the Nissan coolant. Lots and lots of bad sounds from the motor, and it wouldn’t run anymore. I found a shop here in Albuquerque and replace the motor. Again “Big Thank You” for your Smokeless Oil.

Derrick Driskill

Dear FHS

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your product Smokeless motor oil in the form of this testimonial.  In December 2007 I purchased a Ford F150 4×4 pickup with 99,000 miles.  It produced some white smoke and used some motor oil but the price was good, so I purchased the truck.  At 115,000 miles it was using 1 quart of motor oil per 1000 miles and producing grey smoke.  I tried several products at the auto parts store with no success.  I heard about your product and gave it a try.  Used 5 quarts of your oil for oil change at 127,800 in Nov 2012.  The truck now has 130,900 miles as of 04/13/15.  Your product is still in the crankcase and looks good upon inspection. But this is the kicker – There is no smoke and it has used no oil since 2012 oil change.  Amazing!

Thank you again,

Tim Johnson

Concord, NC

I received my oil on Friday…I ended up paying another 100 dollars Tax and Duty with UK customs. (Who cares…It’s only money…haha!!)
I changed the oil on Friday night, and all I can say is that it is a Miracle!!!  I took my car to a cruise on Saturday night which was a 100 miles away.  The car drove like a dream and I sat in the traffic at the cruise with the engine at high temperature with the cooling fans on.
NOT ONE SINGLE PUFF OF BLUE SMOKE!!  I am SO happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s a shame your excellent product isn’t readily available in the UK….I am now an addict….haha!!

Thanks for such a great level of customer service too!  If you wish to use me as proof of your products ability, please feel free.  If I haven’t rebuilt the engine by the time I exhaust the amount of oil you sent me, I will be back for more.  The car runs so nicely and quietly it seems a real shame to pull the engine apart because in original manufacture they used the wrong size oil control rings.  Some cars were called back…but mine shows no evidence of this on the previous owners service record.
Just in case you maybe interested the car is a Peugeot 1.9 GTI Auto with aircon. Only 10 auto versions of the car were sold in the UK, and I am lucky enough to have one.
She is 15 years old now and has covered 82K miles. They were called the hottest hatch of the 80’s, even beating the Golf GTI…I also have one of those and I tend to agree.
I have just run outside into the English rain and taken a quick picture with my phone…She is one happy little car!! J
Thanks very much indeed!!  Kindest Regards
Jon J

I recently bought 12 qts. of oil from you. I flushed and drained the engine. I put a new filter and 4 qts of smokeless oil in. I drove the car about 15 miles and took it to get inspected. It was a cold day so the tech had the garage door closed while he was doing the inspection. It passed with no smoke at all. This car had been smoking every time I accelerated and after idling for more than 3 or 4 min. Thank you so much. I can now drive it for 2 more years.

This is my third order for SmokeLess Oil, I don’t know how you could possibly make a better product.

Dear Sirs:
After having purchased a 1999 BMW 740iL only to find that it smoked like crazy when I started it the next day after I purchased it (of course it did not do this when I started it at the used car lot)! I found out about your product. Your Product Works!!!!!!! and the engine is running better also!!!!! It is so great to purchase a product that actually works the way it was claimed. I have been ripped off so many times in my live I cannot even count that high. Thank you so much for making a quality product. If you ever need a sales rep in south Florida let me know I am sure you could sell a lot of your product to used car dealers or anyone interested in a quality lubricant.


Kurt M. Mitstifer
Your SmokeLess Oil is a remarkable product.

Thank You,

A+ A+ A+

Easy to find on the web.

Subject: IT PASSED!

I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. My ’94 Mercury Grand Marquis with 205,000 miles has been smoking for years (although it looks almost brand new). We considered ourselves lucky to get through inspection 2 years ago. But this time — no luck. I mean it smoked like a chimney. It was embarassing. We have a new Camry that I drive most of the time, so we didn’t think it was worth putting the money into fixing whatever engine problems the Merc might have, so I reluctantly put an ad in the paper to sell it. Well, the day the ad came out, I searched the internet and found your oil. What the heck, I said, what do I have to lose? Although I felt it sounded too good to be true, I ordered 6 quarts of your Smokeless Oil and we put it in a few days ago. We just came back from the inspection lane. Passed with no problem! Not a bit of smoke is coming out of that pipe now!! Truly a miracle product. Now we don’t want to sell the car. We’ve got 2 years grace now until the next inspection and we have your company to thank for it. You can bet I will be telling everyone I know about this oil. I wish I had heard about it several years ago. Congratulations on such a GREAT product. With the money-back guarantee, it’s a no-lose situation. But I’m tickled that I didn’t need to get my money back. I’d rather have my “old Faithful” car. Thanks again!!!

The used car lot that sold me m car used this oil in my car, and gave me a few extra qts with it, car runs strong for the mileage.  Keep up the good work.

Hi John,

Just to let you know I did finally place an order and my Jag no longer smokes.



Subject: Oak Harbor Washington

Dear Sir:

I just bought a used 1992 Mazda Protege. The former owner said it used to smoke a lot, that is why he sold the car. I tried to change the spark plugs, change filter and oil but still the same problem. One day I had the chance to look at the internet and found your website… I tell you, I can’t believe my eyes when I look behind the car when I started it — NO MORE SMOKE !!!
I was so amazed by the product.
Thank you so much!!!

Ramon R., Oak Harbor, WA

Dear Sirs/Ma’am, 6/20/06

I have a 67 chevelle, that after I completed some major engine work, i.e magnum cam, new manifold and carb, I developed a blow by that I have never had before. It was embarrasing pulling into car cruises puffing blue smoke everytime I touched the brakes. After trying several additives, and other products on the market, (all of which failed to show any improvement) I hit the internet to see if there was such a thing as a smokless motor oil. My search directed me to your web site and I carefully read the information. Of course I was skeptical at first, and your product was my last hope before I was to begin a totaly engine rebuilt, which I really wanted to avoid because the engine was running so strong. After I changed the oil, I was truely amazed that the blow by instantly stopped. I have been running the car for over a week to a different car cruise just about every night and not even a wisp of blue smoke. Your product saved me alot of time and money. Oh by the way, I noticed a 10 pound psi increase in my oil pressure. I love my Chevelle, and it will never get anything but FHS oil. Bottom line, your product works!!


6 bottles of the smokeless oil:
have ordered from you before and was extremely satisfied.


Subject: WOW!
WOW…all I can say is WOW!!

Gotta tell ya I was skeptical but what a difference.  Your FHS Smokeless in my 83 Porsche 911 and it may have saved my summer. I knew I’d be facing a valve and ring job in the near future but didn’t look forward to serious down time before next winter. But a Porsche looking like a freight train wasn’t too appealing either.  Looks like FHS has another satisfied customer… THANKS

G. Kalcic
Fremont, NE

Subject: Question bout your smokeless oil
I recently bought a case of your smokeless oil to put in the car of my dream, a 1984 corvette,  I will never buy any other kind of oil. The car of my dreams runs smoke free, just wanted to know if it would do anything for my rear main seal? At any rate, you have a loyal customer for now on. Thanks for helping me realize a dream.

Tony T.
Spring Lake, NC

Subject: Smokeless Oil – Thanks
I’ve got a 1984 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Convertible with 106,000 miles on it.  I picked it up in February 2004.  It smoked so bad when I brought it in for inspection the first time that they wouldn’t even run the sniff test!  I changed the oil to your smokeless oil and it passed with flying colors.  2-years went by (Mar-06) and the car came up again for its next inspection (inspection is every 2-years in NJ)  I changed the oil to another batch of smokeless oil and the car once again it passed!  The inspector even said to me, the car has really good emission readings!

K. Kropac
Lake Como, NJ

We have used your product and are very happy with it.  Thanks,

J.D. Shea

2nd order. Had great luck the first time.

This oil is the greatest. I used it in my 1993 Toyota with 255,000 miles.  It smoked so bad the cops pulled me over.  After using your product my car stopped smoking and runs 100 percent better.

G. Schadler in PA

You have a very good product and I do recommend you to my friends.  Good job.

Your smokeless oil works 100%. Have a 1994 ford escort had bad smoking, flushed engine added your oil. NO SMOKE. THANKS

(I am a repeat customer.) 1989 Honda Accord is worn out with over 200,000 miles, but SmokeLess Oil has given it a few more years.

Hi, I bought your smokeless oil for a car I had that smoked a lot about a month or 2 ago.. It was great, as soon as I changed the oil, it quit smoking. I could hardly believe it. I told my son who lives in the same city, is married and lives at a different address about it. He buys and sells a lot of cars, and I wonder if he was to buy the smokeless oil, if I would get credit on my account for the 4 quarts??I will be buying some more I’m sure at a later time for my van which is pretty old. Thank you. A great Product. Gary Maurer Canton Ohio 44708

My mechanic suggested it. He said it was amazing stuff.

Hi, just bought some of your smokeless oil for a 1959 Jag I had that was smoking bad. Changed to your oil and NO SMOKE.
Works great, thank you…
Gary Maurer, OH

We’ve used it many times, it works!
Send: 2 cases SmokeLess Oil…

Subj: RE: FHS Smokeless oil
Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to your company with great appreciation for your product. I bought a 1979 Ford F100 with a 302 Ford V8 which smoked quite a lot. I performed a compression test on this motor and all cylinders appeared fine. I replaced all 16 valve guide seals with positive style seals. My oil smoking was better, but the engine still smoked when I gave it gas and when I let off of the gas. I reluctantly tried your product. To my amazement my vehicle stopped smoking immediately. I have either worn rings, a stuck ring, or a broken ring on this engine and your product is allowing me to run this engine further that what I was expecting to run it. I am not a master mechanic, but have built engines in the past. It is not fun to replace or rebuild engines as the costs can be quite high.
This oil may not work for everyone, but all I can say is that it worked for me.
As other testimonials have stated, I have not been paid not given any products in payment for writing my story. I just think that there are too many products which claim miracles and don’t follow through with their product. This oil is GREAT, IT WORKS, and FHS has a TOTALLY SATISFIED REPEAT CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Again FHS,
Tim Phillips
Raleigh NC

Subj: Smokeless oil
Dear Sir,
I am writing to inquire whether you have a dealer program or wholesale volume discount on your products. I am very impressed with the smokeless oil that I recently bought and can testify to its working. I have a 1987 Chevy Silverado pickup with a 350 motor that runs great but was getting worse and worse on clouds of smoke. Other products on the market of course did nothing, but upon using your product the smoking stopped instantly, even on start-up, when it was extremely bad.
When a product actually works, it should be easy to sell. So I am interested in seeing if you offer any distributorships…
Sincerely, Mark Brown, FL

SacramentoSubj: Re: Smokeless Oil
Dear Sir or Madam:

My 1993 Town Car failed the California smog test only a month ago…..I went on line looking for ANYTHING that would help, the car used oil and smoked, 153,500 miles on her, found your smokeless oil and ordered enough for an oil change……To my wonder, it passed today with measurements going down to average HC (ppm) and CO (%), Unbelievable!!!! BTW, it hasn’t smoked one puff or used any oil sense changing to your oil………..

Jerry Tomblin, California

Dear Sir,

I just bought 12 qts of FHS smokeless car oil for my wife’s car, all I can say is THANKS! Her 1995 Avalon with 103000 miles ran fantastic but would smoke when it was started for a few minutes, now it doesn’t. Great Product.

Ted Carmody
Anderson SC 29625


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