SmokeLess FAQs

FHS SmokeLess Oil FAQs

How Do I pay with a Credit Card?

To pay with a Credit or Debit Card  –  click ” Proceed to Pay Pal” button on the Check Out Page.  Once on Pay Pal, click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button.  It logs you in as a guest.  There is no need to have or set up an account.

How much FHS Smokeless Oil do I need?

You need at least enough for an oil change.  5 to 8 qts for most cars.

If your not sure how much oil your car takes, consult your owners manual.

Average oil requirements:

4 cylinder engine  –  5qts

6 cylinder engine  –  6qts

8 cylinder engine  –  5 to 8 qts depending on the size of the engine.

Golf Carts – 1 to 1 & 1/4 qts

Riding Lawn Mowers – 1 to 1 & 1/2  ( consult owners manual – adding too much can blow oil seal )

There are other brands of smokeless oil, why should I use FHS SmokeLess Oil?

We know FHS SmokeLess Oil works 99.9% of the time to stop oil related smoking.  It has been used in 1000’s of cars and we keep getting repeat customers.

What does the color of the smoke mean?

Black Smoke  –  Black smoke is the result of partially-burned fuel being carried down the exhaust.  Black smoke coming out of the tailpipe on a vehicle with a gasoline engine is a sign of a rich fuel mixture (too much fuel, not enough air). A brief puff of black smoke may be visible during hard acceleration when the fuel mixture goes momentarily rich, but under normal driving conditions and idling the exhasut should be transparent. If black smoke is visible all the time and the inside of the tailpipe is coated with heavy black carbon deposits, it would tell you the engine has a rich fuel condition.

On an older vehicle with a carburetor, a rich fuel condition and black smoke can be caused by a stuck or misadjusted automatic choke, a leaky metal or hollow plastic float inside the carburfetor fuel bowl, or a fuel saturated foam plastic float, or an incorrectly adjusted float (set too low). A restricted fuel filter may also contribute to a rich fuel mixture.

On a newer vehicle with fuel injection, black exhaust smoke can be caused by one or more leaky fuel injectors, too much fuel pressure (sticking fuel pressure regulator), a faulty MAF sensor or Oxygen sensor, or a engine computer fault.

Blue Smoke  –  Pale, bluish-white smoke is the result of engine lubricating oil being burned in the engine’s combustion chamber.  This is normally due to worn valve guides, valve guide seals, piston rings, or damaged cylinders and requires extensive engine repair.  Oil burning can eventually contaminate the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. It also increases the risk of the engine running low on oil and losing oil pressure.  FHS SmokeLess oil can solve this 99.9% of the time.

White Smoke  –  The engine is burning coolant or transmission fluid.  White smoke is usually due to a broken head gasket.  If the white smoke is coolant, the cause is likely a leaky head gasket or a crack in the cylinder head. If the white exhaust smoke is transmission fluid, the engine is sucking transmission fluid through a vacuum hose to the transmission.

What is this oil and how does it work?
FHS SmokeLess Oil is a unique synthetic oil that was developed from our high performance racing oils. These special oils were necessary for engines to survive the extreme conditions encountered in racing. By using the same innovative, cutting-edge technology, we have created a new oil to prevent the problems that occur in worn engines. Several special properties allow this oil to work for you.

1) FHS SmokeLess Oil is a superior quality, extreme-high-temperature, ultra-pure synthetic oil which has a flashpoint much greater than 500 F and contains none of the volatile impurities of other types of oil. This means that SmokeLess Oil will not burn or smoke in an engine like conventional motor oils.  The oil stays cleaner, drastically reducing emissions and greatly extending the mileage available between oil changes. It is clear in appearance, but slowly picks up a slight color from use in an engine.

2) FHS SmokeLess Oil has a special sealing/anti-wear agent that covers cracks and prevents wear better than other types of oil. This sealing/anti-wear agent was originally designed for racing engines, and therefore gives incredible protection without thickening, gumming, or slowing the engine like other products. Racers on the ragged edge need the fastest oil with the best protection. This same anti-wear agent greatly extends the mileage possible on the same oil change. The oil can easily go 6000+ miles per change.

3) FHS SmokeLess Oil was developed from our superior performance, low-friction racing oils, which have lower viscous drag and better viscosity index than other types of oil. This allows both the oil and engine parts to move more freely, generating less friction. The oil viscosity changes less than ordinary oils with changes in temperature. Thus, cars are easier to start in the cold and the performance is more peppy than with other oils.

How can FHS SmokeLess Oil help me?
FHS SmokeLess Oil is a consumer tested and proven synthetic oil that stops oil related smoking and burning, thus reducing pollution emissions. It has extended the useful life of worn engines without expensive repairs, thus enhancing an automobile’s value. Whether you are a used car seller, owner, or buyer, you can only benefit from this excellent engine revitalizer. FHS Oils are superior in quality and performance.

Why should I use FHS SmokeLess Oil?
FHS SmokeLess Oil is an environmentally friendly and economical solution to automotive air pollution. It does not contain the burnable, smog-producing impurities of other oils. It is a pure, high-quality synthetic oil, derived from our FHS Racing Oils, that will protect your engine like no other. A simple oil change costs much less than the major work required to fix a mechanical problem. Basically, this is simply a better oil. Just talk to our many thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. It works, guaranteed! FHS Supply and Manufacturing, Inc. has been making specialty oils/racing oils since 1969!
FHS SmokeLess Oil is the real No-Smoke Motor Oil.

How to use FHS SmokeLess Car Oil:
1) Drain old oil from crankcase. A hot engine drains better.
2) Flush system (if necessary). Just if there is any sludge build-up.  Note flushing the system may also cause smoke, by loosening deposits instead of removing them.
3) Replace oil filter with a quality oil filter. No special filter is necessary.
4) Fill with FHS SmokeLess Car Oil. You’re ready to go, SmokeLess-ly!

5) Smoke normally stops almost immediately.

6) Sometimes, there are deposits left from old oil.  Let motor run for 5 to 10 minutes and smoke should stop or be greatly reduced.

It’s that easy. The vehicle should no longer smoke, burn oil, or leak from minor cracks. Soot-blackened tailpipes should soon lighten in color. It will continue to run cleanly for as long as you continue to use FHS SmokeLess Car Oil. Your next oil change should not be necessary for at least 6000 miles, assuming no leaks. Your car is now more environmentally friendly, producing less harmful emissions. Your looming repair bill has just been offset by several years, possibly not being necessary for the extended life of the vehicle. Drive a more reliable car under cleaner skies!

Answers to common questions:
What weight is this oil? FHS SmokeLess oil is derived from our medium/heavy-weight performance racing oils.  On the SAE scale, FHS SmokeLess is a 40 wt oil, and 30wt FHS SmokeLess is a 30 wt.  However, it has been used in 1000’s of cars that use 20 wt and 30 wt oil with no problem.  We recommend 30wt to people using Smokeless in newer cars that run on the super lite oils as they seem to have minor problems with the heavier oil.  We are currently working on a lighter version for the newer cars.

Can it be used in cars with a turbo?  FHS SmokeLess will work in a turbo.  However, it is less likely to stop smoking in cars with a turbo.

Will it affect the oil pump or seals? It should not affect these automotive systems.

When do I change the oil?  Check oil regularly as with conventional oils; change when the oil becomes dark or dirty. You should be able to run 6,000 to 8,000 miles between oil changes with FHS SmokeLess oil.

Can it be used in new cars?  FHS SmokeLess oil is designed for older cars with worn engines, call about our high performance/racing oils for newer cars FHS Smokeless Can be used in any car that uses 20wt to 30wt oils.  It is not recommended for cars that use the super lite 0wt SAE Oils.

Can it be used with other oils or additives?  FHS SmokeLess oil is designed to work alone – do not use it with other oil products or additives. It is a complete oil package with all the protective and lubricating properties necessary for your engine.  If you use FHS SmokeLess oil with other oils, you will get smokeAlso mixing different brands of oils can reduce the protective qualities of the oils.

Can it be used in diesel engines? Be sure that the smoke is actually due to oil burning. Diesels generally smoke for other reasons, such as incomplete fuel burn. FHS SmokeLess oil cannot prevent smoking that is due to incomplete fuel burning. Also, if the oil leak is bad enough, the SmokeLess oil can actually cool down the fuel mixture, making the diesel smoke even worse. Unfortunately, due to this situation, we will not guarantee the oil for diesel engines

What about cars in which oil is injected directly to the ignition chamber? The properties of FHS SmokeLess oil, since it is a very high-flashpoint oil, can alter the properties of your fuel burn. So while the smoking due to oil burning is reduced, smoking due to altered fuel burn can arise. This is rare, however.

Are there cars that SmokeLess won’t work on? There are a few series of cars in which SmokeLess gives limited success. One is the Mazda 4-cyl from about ’87 to ’92, which has a “stuck oil-ring” problem. In addition, the Mazda RX-7 rotary engine has limited success. The oil essentially cools the fuel mixture too much, resulting in incomplete fuel burn and some smoke. Other conditions to watch for include white steamy smoke can indicate a head gasket/coolant leak problem. Gray, fuel-smelling smoke can indicate an incomplete fuel-burn problem. FHS SmokeLess oil cannot help these conditions.

What is the success rate? FHS SmokeLess Oil has over a 99.9% success rate of stopping oil smoking.

Will it run in 2-cycle applications? FHS SmokeLess Oil can be used in 2-cycle applications such as lawn mowers, etc. It mixes with gas or methanol

Will it fix emissions problems? FHS SmokeLess Oil will generally reduce emissions resulting from oil burning.  Not only does it stop visible smoking, actual tests on vehicles which failed emissions exams show that it can improve emissions enough to pass emissions tests.  It can drastically reduce hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) levels to acceptable/passable emission limits.

I’ve heard of No-Smoke Oil and Smoke-Free Oil…Is it the same?
 FHS SmokeLess Oil is known by several names like No-Smoke Oil, Smoke-Free Oil, Smoke-Away Oil, Non-Smoking Oil, Anti-Smoke Oil, Stop-Smoke Oil, Smokeless Oil, No-Smog Oil, Stop-Smog Oil, Smogless Oil, Clean Emissions Oil, Low Emissions Oil, Eco-Friendly Oil, That Clear Oil, etc. The proper name is FHS SmokeLess Oil, but it all amounts to the same thing, no oil smoke!  Also, remember, this is an oil itself, not an additive – that’s why it works!

Isn’t this oil kind of expensive?
  Not really.  You can go for longer distances and have better protection with FHS SmokeLess oil.  While it is more expensive than off-the-shelf motor oils, which average 3000 miles per oil change, you can go at least 6000 miles on SmokeLess, and many customers reports being able to go 10,000 miles on a single oil change.  So, the price per mile is actually about the same as other motor oils.  Also, regular use of SmokeLess oil is much less expensive than a valve-replacement job.

Disclaimer & Guarantee:

FHS SmokeLess Oil should not be used in conjunction with any additive or other motor oils.  Mixing other oils with FHS SmokeLess will cause vehicles to smoke  ( the non-smokeless oils still burn and create smoke).  Proper diagnosis of the source of engine smoke is important, as this oil will have no effect on coolant, fuel, or carburetor related emission or smoking problems.  If sludge buildup is present, a system flush may be required before adding FHS SmokeLess Oil. Cars with major engine damage, such as cracked rings, will not show great improvement. For oil related smoking problems, FHS SmokeLess Oil works over 99% of the time.  Note to car dealers/sellers: we recommend that you mention to your customers if a car is using FHS SmokeLess Oil, and please give our information so that customers know where to obtain more FHS SmokeLess Oil if desired. Honesty is the best policy!
Everything mentioned in this ad is based on our actual experience with the thousands of satisfied users of FHS SmokeLess Oil nationwide.

Product Ordering and Shipping:
We have two varieties of FHS SmokeLess Oil: SmokeLess and SmokeLess Lite.
SmokeLess:  for the standard used car with worn engine that smokes heavily, excellent for 99% of all used cars that smoke.
SmokeLess Lite:  for newer cars that have reduced smoking problems, or for cars with valve noise in colder climates.

FHS SmokeLess Oil comes in 20quart, 12quart, & 4 gallon cases.
Small orders ship UPS, large orders ship motorfreight to a business/commercial address.
Payment by major credit card, prepayment, or pay pal.
Volume discounts available from FHS.  Contact Us for pricing today!

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